Hello dear visitor,
please let me say just a little note about the author,
the aeolian instruments and the kites ...

First I want to say thanks to my wife Beate.
Without her tolerance, all those pages
would have been impossible to realize!!

The kite and its master...

Uli Wahl

49°33'13''N; 8°40'28''E

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Thinking on
Aeolian Music..

When first visiting these pages, you might feel a certain need for more structure... but it is difficult to manage book-like, growing structures, becoming more and more complex.
So I decided to arrange the exciting theme by describing the single aeolian instruments and connecting them with links like a spider web
...a neuronal structure where you hopefully will meet Tarantula one fine day... ;-)))

Being a former member of the DCD (German Kite Association, unfortunately exspired in 2005), the International Aeolists, the NCB (Nouveau Cerf-Voliste Belge) and living in the South-West of Germany in Weinheim (see local Newspaper for more info) at the western slope of our beautiful Odenwald Mountain (near Heidelberg) I'm building kites of all techniques as well as aeolian instruments since about 1975.

The bamboo kite is lifting more pleasure per pound than any other human construction..., so the traditional asian ways of building single-line-kites with the fantastic high(!) tech material bamboo covered with paper or fabric and their hand made special sound producing instruments became my appreciated favourites.

With these pages I want to tempt you to leave the trampled paths of kite plans, kite building and well known musical instruments.

The kites and the aeolian instruments pictured on these pages were mostly built by myself. In case of recordings, pictures etc. given to me by friends (thanks to them all!!) they're marked with their names, e-mail addresses/ links etc. (In case I forgot to mark something, please tell me!)

While designing the pages, my aims were:

...abstaining from all those nice, but time consuming, useless graphic buttons, animated GIF's etc.; mostly separating the text from the pictures & sounds, etc. which, however, can be seen and heard easily by clicking on the links within the text. In the next time, the pictures will be more and more implemented in the text for better, faster computer hardware becomes more and more common.

Now have a close look to a not everyday, more musical, fascinating aspect of our play with the wind. I am trying to infect especially YOU with this rather exciting subject, playing with the wind and it's mysterious, charming sounds while catching clouds in the sky...

...soooo exciting!!
(Little Uli at Heidelberg Airport in 1960)

In case your local kite/ artist club etc. wants a workshop
making such instruments for sound gardens etc.: Let's talk about it!

Ohne Musik ist das Leben ein Irrtum!


   oder wie Voltaire sagte:

Il faut cultiver nos jardins!


Einer erdacht's,
ein and'rer macht's;

manch einer acht's,
so mancher bedacht's;
doch einer verlacht's !
- Was macht's! -

Nice "Trutzkopf" ( = vexing head) at the main gate
of the medieval castle in Breuberg/ Hesse Southern Germany

So enjoy these pages and
thanks especially YOU for mailing me your opinion
- and new ideas to experiment with :-))

If you find these pages useful,
don't hesitate to link on them...  :-))


....and send me an e-mail if you happen to find broken links or if there are any questions left...


Keep swinging.
Sincerely Yours
Uli Wahl (see a page on the author at "carnet de vol")

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