Here's a copy of a nice overview article on aeolian harps witten by Tissandier.
It was published in the magazine "La Nature" in Paris/ France in 1883:


Dr. Z...
Les Harpes Éoliennes
La Nature, Revue des Sciences; Gaston Tissandier, Edit. G.Masson, Paris, 1883 Premier semestre, pp.44-46


Type of windharp made by M.Simon; the plan above was copied from
Kastner, Jean-Georges (Johann Georg Ludwig)
"La Harpe d'Éole"
G.Brendus, Dufour & Cie., Jules Renouard & Cie.; Paris; 1856
; plate 2 fig. 9(a) and 9 (b)
This is the original type of aeolian harp on the old castle of Baden-Baden/ Germany. The measure is in meters.
In 1853, Kastner reported 4 of these windharps being installed on the castle.


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