See the life of Ignace Pleyel (inventor of the triangular Aeolian Harp)

Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg:
Catalog: Aeolian harp with wind-funnel by Wilhelm Melhop (!!) Hamburg 1841, Inv.No. MIR 739.
Among all aeolian harps those made by W.Melhop in Hamburg were the sophisticated ones. (Won Prizes on the world exhibition at Paris); the slight airflow, generated by simply walking around, was enough for sounding his harps...

In the Hamburg Museum also two Melhop Wind-Harps can be found:
Inv.No. 1912.1571 and Inv.No. 1912.1572

Hamburger Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe three Melhop Harps:
Inv.No. 1904.233, 1986.252 and 1986.253

Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte
Inv.No. 1929,295 and 1929,296 Harps in shape of triangular prisms with 6 strings on both wind-touched sides each after the Pleyel principe.



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