Kastner, Jean-Georges Louis (Johann Georg Ludwig)
La Harpe d'Éole-Sur les Rapports des Phénomènes Sonores de la Nature avec la Science et l'Art.
- Première Partie  : Musique Cosmique (pp.1 - 50: see the pages of Thierry Fournier)
- Deuxième Partie : La Harpe d'Éole (Histoire, modèles divers et applications pp.51- 88)
Troisième Partie : Phénomènes Acoustiques (Production et propagation du son, vibration des cordes pp.89-170)

-Stéphen ou La Harpe d'Éole;
Grand Monoloque Lyrique avec Choeurs

Paroles de Francis Maillan
Musique de Georges Kastner
(Johann Georg Kastner composer and musical writer, born 9. March 1810 in Straßburg; died 19. December 1867 in Paris)
Brandus, Dufour & Cie., Jules Renouard & Cie.; Paris; 1856

In my personal opinion this is the most comprehensive, old book on aeolian harps (in French), its tuning and use. It has articles on sounds in nature, different models of aeolian harps; a lot of nice stories. It was (and still is...) really delightful reading this book written by a rather interested and competent author, who obviously collected all he could get around the theme (newspaper articles, scientific books/ articles, anecdotes) in a time of rapid progress of special acoustics. Contains even a partition where Kastner tried to reproduce the acoustics of the aeolian harp with an orchestra...!! (Don't actually know, whether it was ever played. Somebody knowing more on this? Please mail me.) Strongly recommended to read!

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